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    Lelanite Corporation has been a specialized packaging company for 40 years, incorporated in 1958.  We have been located in Webster, Massachusetts for all 40 years.

    Lelanite is a specialized packaging company dedicated to solving the packaging problems of the high tech, automotive and aerospace industries as well as military defense contracts and depots in the United States.

    The company is a diversified company in as much as it can offer a complete package concept from the outer container to the most intricate shock mounted cushioning system within the container.

    Lelanite has its own package-testing laboratory consisting of transportation simulators, incline impact testers and drop test equipment with instrumentation.  Wave form recorder to record specific G factors and temperature test chambers to evaluate cushioning materials in high and low temperatures are also available.

    Lelanite is broken down into the following departments:

                             Pallet and Skid Division
                             Foam Fabrication Division
                             Molded Cushion Division
                             Custom Injection Molding & Plastic Container Division
                             Wood Crates and Contract Packaging Division
                             Distribution Division (Industrial Packaging Supplies)
                             Packaging Design and Engineering Division
                             Corrugated Box Division

    Each of these divisions’ acts independently of each other but enhances the company's ability to create the total packaging concept that our customers require.

    Lelanite has approximately 106,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing area.  It has approximately 40,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space.

    We have been a family-owned business for two generations, and as a family-owned business we are committed to serve our customers' needs.  It is our way of life not only to perform over and above our competitors' capabilities, but to perform over and above the expectations of our customers.

    As we look to the future, it is the intent of the management of Lelanite to enhance our operations to meet the needs of our customers for "PERFECTION" in package cushioning materials.


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